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  • Switchable gain and low-pass filter settings
  • Built-in Invar leveling legs
  • Drive signals over cable lengths greater than 1000m
  • High gain:
    • Low range; ±0.46°
    • High range; ±0.046°
  • Mid Range:
    • Low range; ±8°
    • High range; ±0.8°
  • ±8 VDC (single-ended), ±16 VDC (differential) output


The Jewell Instruments A701-2 Platform Tiltmeters are designed for rapid installation and precision. Using a built-in invar leveling legs, they can be set up and operating on any hard horizontal surface. The two orthogonal tilt sensors parallel the right-angle sides of the base plate. Each tiltmeter includes a temperature sensor. The internal electronics drive signals over cable lengths greater than 1000m.

The A701-2 has switchable gain and low-pass filter settings that give you a range of measurement options. Sensors and electronics are mounted in a rugged housing that also provides electrical shielding. Model 701-2 is water resistant for protection against light rain and splashes. It is the preferred choice for structural load testing, volcano monitoring, and laboratory and observatory work.