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  • Submersible Tiltmeter
  • Range: ±5°/±50°
  • Uniaxial or biaxial
  • Resolution: 0.0001°/0.002°
  • Output: RS232 or RS422, full duplex
  • High pressure or corrosive environments
  • 316 stainless steel housing
  • Underwater mateable neoprene connector
  • Two gravity referenced electrolyte tilt sensor


The Jewell Instruments D802 DeepWater Digital Tiltmeter is designed for underwater measurements and other applications in high-pressure or corrosive environments. The housing is machined from a solid block of 316 stainless steel and incorporates a high-pressure, underwater-mateable neoprene connector.

Inside the D802 DeepWater Digital Tiltmeter are one or two gravity-referenced electrolytic tilt sensors and low-noise electronics, delivering precision, high dynamic range and long-term stability under the most demanding conditions. DeepWater tiltmeters are excellent choices for offshore applications and for monitoring dams, pipelines and underwater machinery. DeepWater tiltmeters are also available with 4-20 mA and analog voltage outputs.