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  • Range: ±10°/±25°/±50° biaxial
  • Resolution: 0.002°/0.004°/0.01°
  • Output: RS232 (tilt & temperature), 0-4.75 VDC (tilt only)
  • Operating temp: -40 to 140°F (-40 to 85°C)
  • Industrial, scientific and GPS uses
  • User selectable firmware
  • Factory calibration values stored in nonvolatile memory
  • ZAGI user-interface software


The Jewell Instruments MD900-T Inclinometer has a wide variety of industrial, scientific and GPS uses. Many thousands are used today for antenna positioning, surface and subsea marine applications, structural monitoring, and industrial test and measurement. The clinometer is housed in an easily mountable enclosure and provides an RS232 serial interface and analog outputs via a 6-pin NEMA 4X connector. User-selectable firmware features include auto zero, sampling frequency, low-pass filtering and on-board data storage. Factory calibration values are stored in nonvolatile memory, and output data (X tilt, Y tilt, temperature, serial no.) are provided in several GPS-compatible formats. You can easily graph and log your measurements with our ZAGI user-interface software, included with every unit. Options include extended memory, real-time clock, RS422 output, viscous damping and submersible housings.