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  • 3-9900.397
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  • Adds batch capability to the 9900 Transmitter (Generation II)
  • Compatible with all Signet flow sensors


The Batch Module adds batch capability to the 9900 Transmitter (Generation II). It is compatible with all Signet flow sensors. Up to 10 batch sizes can be stored in one 9900 with customized names and K-Factors available for each batch.

Advantages with the GF Signet 3-9900.397 Batch Module include:

  • Available as a complete system or by adding a Batch Module and a Relay Module to a 9900 Transmitter (Generation II).
  • Each of the three relays can be assigned one of 11 relay modes including Batch, Missing Signal, Volume Pulse and Two Stage giving you more control and flexibility than competitor models.
  • Monitor source volume at the batch controller and setup an alarm so you can be notified when source volume falls below your specified volume.
  • Counter at the batch controller keeps tracks of batches run eliminating the need for an external counter.
  • Confirmation START/RESUME gives you the option to be prompted prior to starting each batch with a Yes/No or with a password to prevent inadvertently starting a batch.
  • Manual batch option allows you to "top off" by temporarily opening valve while holding DOWN and RIGHT arrow buttons simultaneously.