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  • 2-wire loop-powered HART TDR level meter for liquids and solids
  • DPR (Dynamic Parasite Rejection): the software dynamically eliminates false reflections caused by environmental disturbances and product build-up
  • Horizontal or vertical housing position to suit every installation
  • Snap coupling system permits removal of the housing under process conditions and rotation of the housing through 360° to make the display screen easier to read
  • Bayonet housing cover permits easy opening and closing, even after years in service
  • The remote converter can be installed up to 100 m / 328 ft from the probe
  • Display keypad is directly accessible without opening the cover
  • Measuring range up to 40 m / 130 ft
  • Backwards compatible with all previous KROHNE TDR level meters
  • SIL2-compliant according to IEC 61508 for safety-related systems - Full FMEDA analysis available

The Krohne OPTIFLEX 2200 C/F Level Meter is a guided radar (TDR) level meter for measuring distance, level, volume and mass. Its modular housing and sensor design ensures suitability for a variety of mounting positions and applications. It can be used for liquids, pastes, slurries, powders and granulates. Even when the product surface is agitated or covered with a layer of foam, The OPTIFLEX 2200 performs level measurements accurately. These factors make it ideal for all industries, including energy, oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, mining, water and wastewater, pulp and paper, food and pharmaceuticals.

The OPTIFLUX 2200 C/F is the perfect level meter for storage and process tanks, with a measuring range of up to 40 meters. Thanks to the innovative housing and sensor design, you can specify the way the device is fixed to the device, so that it's accessible, regardless of whether it's installed and operated on the tank roof, in a recess, in in buildings with low roofs. The remote version, the OPTIFLEX 2200 F, features a separate converter with display, which can be mounted and operated up to 100 meters away from the sensor.

The OPTIFLUX 2200 C/F includes robust housing available in stainless steel or aluminum. It is a 2-wire device that is backwards compatible with Krohne level meters from previous generations. Simply install the OPTIFLEX 2200 on the flange and sensor assembly of the existing device. This will bring your existing measuring equipment up to date so that it conforms to the highest standards while providing you with options such as SIL, ATEX, FF, Profibus PA, and HART.