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  • Ambient to 392°F (200°C) operating temp
  • 208 to 240VAC, 6000 to 8000W (single-phase)
  • 208 to 480VAC, 7500W (three-phase)
  • 0.75in (19mm) solvent tube
  • 0.25in (6mm) cooling water tube


The CAS Universal Solvent Circulation Heater provides a safe and efficient means of heating low flash point solvents. Both the heating elements and the solvent tube are cast into the aluminum. The heating elements provide heat to the aluminum mass and the mass transfers this heat to the tube carrying the solvent. The casting can also be surrounded by insulation to minimize heat loss and keep equipment cabinet temperatures low. A secondary chilled water tube is also cast-in. This tube quickly cools the casting for routine maintenance or lowers the solvent below the flash point.

Safety features of the universal solvent circulation heater include a NEMA 7 rated (explosion proof) enclosure box covering the electrical connections and a snap-action over temperature protection switch to provide safe shut down. The casting body is Teflon® coated to protect the aluminum in case of accidental contact with solvents.

The Cast Aluminum Solutions universal solvent circulation heater consists of a cylindrical-shaped cast part with helical coiled tubes and formed tubular heating elements cast-in. Three Type J thermocouples sense the solvent inlet, solvent outlet and casting core temperatures. The universal solvent circulation heater operates at near 100 percent efficiency while reducing the risk of solvent contamination.

Applications for the CAS Universal Solvent Circulation Heater

  • Semiconductor Wet Process Systems
  • Wafer Cleaning Equipment (wet bench systems)
  • Post Etch Wet Strip and Photoresist Removal Applications
  • Heating of Low Flash Point Solvents Such as EKC, ACT & NMP


This product can be used in the following applications: