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  • Field of View 65°
  • Non-slip ergonomic handles
  • SD memory card for >14,600 images
  • 4-Hour video recording with voice annotation
  • AV output
  • USB output
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The Extech HDV600 / HDV610 / HDV620 High Definition VideoScope Inspection Cameras deliver high image resolution on large color display where images and videos can be stored on SD memory card (included). The Model HDV610 has a 5.5mm diameter camera head with 1m flexible cable and the Model HDV620 has 5.8mm diameter camera head with 1m semi-rigid cable. Both models are equiped with a 5.7" color LCD TFT with high definition 640 x 480 resolution, mini, high-resolution water-proof (IP57) camera head, Rugged water and drop proof housing (IP67/2m). An optional wireless transmitter (HDV-WTX) connects to your camera cable and allows you to transmit video up to 100ft (30m) from the measurement point to your monitor.

The Extech HDV610 / HDV620 ships complete with:

  • VideoScope
  • SD memory card
  • 3.7V rechargable Li-Polymer battery
  • patch cable
  • AC adaptor
  • USB and AV cables
  • camera with cable
  • hard carrying case

Applications Inlcude:

  • Home inspection: Inspect in walls for mold, insect infestation, electrical wire or water pipe location
  • HVAC: Inspect inside ducts, behind motors & compressors
  • Automotive: View inside or around engines & transmissions
  • Government: Safety and security inspections
  • Industrial: Inspect weld integrity, process equipment, gears, molding machines
  • Aerospace: Aircraft inspections for debris or damages