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  • AC voltage: 600.0 V
    • Accuracy: ±(0.5 % rdg + 5d)
  • DC voltage: 600.0 V
    • Accuracy: ±(0.5 % rdg + 5d)
  • AC current: 40.0 / 400.0 / 1000 A
    • Accuracy: ±(0.5 % rdg + 5d)
  • Frequency: 5.00 Hz to 500.0 Hz
    • Accuracy: ±(0.5% rdg + 4d)
  • Temperature: -58 to 572°F
    • Accuracy: up to ± (2.0% rdg + 3°C)
  • Total harmonic distortion to 51st harmonic
  • Total Power Factor (PF), Power (VA), and Power (kW and kVAR) measurements
  • Optional PC interface capability
  • CAT III 600V safety rating
  • UL listed

What's in the Box

  • Carrying case
  • Test leads
  • Batteries
  • Type-K Thermocouple
  • Manual

The Amprobe ACD-41PQ clamp-on power quality meter provides a simple and effective way to verify if the electrical system is affected by harmonics. The ACD-41PQ is a True RMS clamp-on meter with enhanced troubleshooting capabilities as well as power analysis functions. For enhanced meter functionality an optional PC interface kit is available for data analysis.

Amprobe ACD-41PQ clamp-on power quality meters feature: an audible, continuity alarm; auto power-off; automatic polarity detection; low battery indication; peak hold; data hold and voltage overload protection for all functions up to 600 V AC/DC.

The Amprobe ACD-41PQ clamp-on power quality meter accurately measures AC/DC voltage, AC current, frequency, and temperature. Additionally, the meter measures total harmonic distortion to th 51st harmonic with accuracy from ±(1.5% rdg + 6d) to ±(4.5% rdg + 6d) depending on range. The The Amprobe ACD-41PQ also measures Active (W), Reactive (VAR) and Apparent (VA) Power with dual-display Power Factor readout.

Test Leads

Amprobe DL243D Test Lead Kit
Essential test lead kit
Amprobe DL248D Test Lead Kit
Deluxe test lead kit
Amprobe TL1500 Test Leads
CAT IV 1000 V (1500 V max) test leads with alligator clips


Amprobe SV-U Case
Amprobe SV-U Case


Please consider these optional accessories.

Amprobe TPK-59 Thermocouple
Thermocouple for multimeters and clamp-on meters with temperature range from -50 °F to 600 °F