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  • TL2X4W-TWZ


Design, manufacturing and service engineers often measure low value resistors. Using traditional probes poses two problems:

  • Measurement accuracy gets worse as the resistor value decreases. With the traditional 2-wire method, resistance of the test leads (typically 0.5 Ω or less each) becomes a greater proportion of the total error.
  • As the component sizes become smaller, probing onto a surface mounted miniature resistor using traditional 4-wire probes becomes more difficult.

The Fluke TL2X4W-TWZ probes improve the measurement's reliability and accuracy by using a traditional 4-wire method to eliminate the resistance of the test leads. The measurement task is simplified, and in some cases even made possible, by the ability of the TL2X4 wire tweezers to probe onto even the smallest of surface mount components.