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  • DC Voltage
    • Range: 0.1 mV to 1000 V
    • Accuracy: 0.25% + 2
  • AC Voltage
    • Range: 0.1 mV to 1000 V
    • Accuracy: 1.0% + 3
  • DC Current
    • Range: 0.1 mA to 10 A
    • Accuracy: 1.0% + 3
  • AC Current
    • Range: 0.1 mA to 10 A
    • Accuracy: 1.5% + 3
  • Resistance: 0.1Ω to 40 MΩ
  • 6000 Counts
  • Capacitance: 1000 nF to 9999 µF
  • Frequency: 0.1 Hz to 50.00 kHz
  • CAT IV 600 V / CAT III 1000 V safety rating

The Fluke 233 True-RMS remote display digital multimeter allows you to be in two places at once. The removable display gives the user ultimate flexibility in unusual measurement scenarios. The display can be placed where you can see it and the meter where it is convenient. The removable display eliminates the dilemma of trying to take measurements in hard-to-reach places, or taking measurements in machines or panels that are physically separated from a limit or isolated switch. Low power wireless technology allows the display to be up to 10 meters (33 ft) away from the point of measurement.

Fluke 233 multimeters feature True-RMS AC voltage and current for accurate measurements on non-linear signals. The meter measures up to 1000V AC and DC and measures up to 10A. The capacitance range is 10,000 µF, frequency to 50 kHz and a built-in thermometer conveniently takes temperature readings with the same instrument. The meter also has resistance, continuity and diode tests. When the display is connected to the meter, the radio transmitter automatically turns off
and the Fluke 233 can be used as a conventional multimeter.

The Fluke 233 True-rms remote display digital multimeter ships complete with:

  • Test leads
  • Alligator clips
  • 80BK-A temperature probe
  • Manual
  • CD-ROM
  • AA Batteries


Fluke 80PK-3A Surface Probe
Type-K thermocouple for flat or curved surfaces such as plates and rollers, from 32 to 500°F
Fluke 80TK Thermocouple Module
For use with type-K thermocouples in low voltage applications (below 24VAC or 60VDC)
Fluke 80PK-9 General Purpose Probe
Type-K thermocouple, -40 to 500°F (-40 to 260°C) temperature probe for surface, air, and non-caustic gases
Fluke 80AK-A Thermocouple Adapter
Type-K thermocouple mini-connector to dual shrouded banana plug inputs
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Test Leads

Fluke TL220 Test Lead Set
SureGrip electrical test lead set includes alligator clips, test probes, and right to right silicone leads
Fluke TL223 Test Lead Set
SureGrip electrical test lead set includes alligator clips, flat bladed test probes, and straight to right silicone leads
Fluke TL225 Test Lead Kit
Stray voltage adapter with SureGrip leads and probes in a soft zippered carrying case
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Fluke TL71 Test Lead Set
Comfort grip probes with silicone insulated, right-angle test leads
Fluke TL175 TwistGuard Test Leads
0.16 to 0.75 inch (4 to 19mm) adjustable length test tips for use in different measurement environments
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Current Clamps

Fluke i1010 AC/DC Current Clamp
Battery-powered, Hall-effect probe measures 600AAC or 1000ADC without breaking the circuit
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Fluke i200 AC Current Clamp
200A AC current clamp with current output and safety shrouded banana plugs
Fluke i410 AC/DC Current Clamp
CAT IV 600V & CAT III 1000V safety rated clamp for measuring up to 400A with shrouded dual-banana plug connector


Fluke C280 Soft Case
Polyester carrying case, inner front pocket with closure and dual pouch pockets for test tools and accessories
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Fluke C35 Soft Case
Polyester carrying case that opens laterally to allow use of test tool without removing it from the case
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Please consider these optional accessories.

Fluke ToolPak Hanging Kit
2 universal hanger clips, hook, 9 inch loop strap, and a strong magnet
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Fluke SV225 Stray Voltage Adapter
Solves stray voltage appearing in electrical installations without compromising safety
Fluke C25 Soft Case
Zippered, polyester carrying case with padding, hand strap & inside pocket
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Fluke HC80 Holster Case
Padded carrying case with belt loop & inside pocket for Fluke meters
Fluke Professional Tool Backpack
Durable high-quality polyester, injection molded plastic bottom base, six storage compartments