• Accuracy:
    • mg/L: ±0.1% + 1 lsd
    • % air: ±0.1% + 1 lsd
    • temperature: ±0.1°C
  • Range:
    • mg/L: 0-60
    • % air: 0-600%
    • temperature: -5 to 50°C
  • Resolution:
    • mg/L: 0.01
    • % air: 0.1%
    • temperature: 0.1°C
  • Battery & AC power
  • 115V and 230V models available


The YSI 5000 series instruments are engineered to meet the need of highly accurate, reliable dissolved oxygen measurements. Primarily used to determine BOD, Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR) and Specific Oxygen Uptake Rate (SOUR), the 5000 series instruments are easy to use, maintain data integrity, offer expanded range and enhanced digital capabilities.

YSI 5000 Dissolved Oxygen Instrument

The YSI 5000 features menu-driven operation and a large liquid crystal display. Internal memory for 100 data sets with date/time stamp eliminates the need for manual entry of readings. An RS-232 interface allows upload to spreadsheets. Multi-tasking is enhanced with the auto-stabilization capability, which enables you to predetermine a stable reading and be alerted to that condition.

The YSI 5000 dissolved oxygen meter is compatible with all YSI probes, has a large liquid crystal display, internal memory for 100 data sets, RS-232 interface and is compatible with YSI BOD Analyst™ software. The probes are powered through the instrument, which also has a computer interface control. Other features on the YSI 5000 dissolved oxygen meter include a real-time clock, user-upgradable internal software, autostabilization, and an audio and tactile keyboard response.

YSI 5100 Dissolved Oxygen Instrument

The YSI 5100 has all the great features and functions of the YSI 5000. In addition the YSI 5100 has built in Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR) and Specific Oxygen Uptake Rate (SOUR) software, an internal barometer, automated calibration, barcode compatibility and a port for a computer keyboard. The benefits of these features include facilitating use with USEPA 503 regulations and operational control. No need for external barometer or look-up charts, saving time by reducing the number of manual steps, automatic bottle numbering.