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  • <10V SSR driver output allows drive of up to 3 typical SSR/SCR inputs
  • Plug-in Output Modules for SSR driver, Triac, Relay and linear outputs – easily field changeable
  • Latching Alarms included as standard
  • PC Configurator with easy to use "wizard" suits both novice and experienced users
  • Multi-point Scaling and Tare features included as standard.
  • CE, UL, UR and cUR recognized
  • Accuracy: ±0.1% of input range, ±1 LSD at 20°C
  • RS-485 Communications
  • NEMA4X front panel
  • Transmitter power supply
  • Dual display of Process Value and Setpoint
  • Power Supply 100-240VAC or optional 24-48V AC/DC


The West 6010+ digital indicator provides a high contrast and high visibility display. At 1/16 DIN, the 6010+ digital indicator is designed for optimal ease of use in a wide variety of temperature and related process applications.

The West 6010+ digital indicator is fast, accurate, and easy to read with a jumperless configuration, plug-in output boards, and an improved PC configurator for quick and simple setup. This jumperless configuration with self-recognition of optionboards promotes simple, error-free setup. The 6010+ digital indicator features easily field-changeable plug-in output modules for SSR driver, triac, relay, and linear outputs.

The 1/16 DIN West 6010+ digital indicator is available with either red or green LED displays.

In addition, plug-in modules allow PV retransmission or transmitter power supply and up to 5 alarm relays (latching or non-latching). West 6010+ digital indicators possess many of the performance features characteristic of the West product line that will help to make your temperature and process display simple. The 6010+ digital indicator has common HMI and styling with other West products to promise uniform system appearance and operation.

West 6010+ digital indicators are easy-to-use, low cost solutions for temperature and process display applications. West 6010+ digital indicators provide excellent visibility and high accuracy all within an affordable and ultra-compact housing.

Applications for the West 6010+ Digital Indicator

  • Industrial and lab ovens / furnaces
  • Plastics and thermal forming
  • Packaging applications
  • And any other display of temperature or other process measurement especially where an out-of-range alarm condition is a requirement