• 5MHz bandwidth
  • 25MS/s (dual channel) sample rate
  • 50MS/s (single channel) sample rate
  • 50 mV max vertical sensitivity
  • 600V DC or AC rms max input voltage
  • Single shot mode
  • Autoranging true RMS
  • Store and recall up to 16 waveforms and setups
  • 132 x 128 pixel Super-Twist two level backlit display
  • Data Hold and Low Battery indication
  • USB interface

What's in the Box

  • Four test leads with alligator clips
  • Protective holster
  • Ni-MH battery pack
  • AC Adaptor/Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Windows compatible software
  • Carrying case


The Extech 381295A and 381395 dual channel multiscopes have menu driven operation making them very easy to use. These multimeters feature internal or external triggering and auto or manual setup for horizontal and vertical scaling. The Extech 381295A and 381395 have window freeze functionality which locks the waveform in the display for prolonged viewing. Roll mode assists in viewing slow repetition waveforms.

Functions of the Extech 381295A and 381395 multimeters include AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity, frequency, RPM, pulse width and % duty cycle. The USB interface and software allow for transferring waveforms and data to a PC. The Extech 381395 has a data logging function which stores up to 17,000 data points with 25MS/s dual channel sampling time (50MS/s single channel).