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  • External relays controlled by host instrument
  • AC and DC powered versions
  • DC power output (AC versions)
  • DC power passthrough (DC versions) to simplify wiring
  • Digital (S3L) passthrough to simplify sensor wiring
  • Red LED annunciators for each relay
  • Green LED indicators for power and digitial (S3L) data transfer
  • Relays may be tested locally, and also via the host instrument


GF Signet 8059 External Relay Modules supplement the output capabilities of certain host instruments such as the GF Signet 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller. AC-powered versions of the GF Signet 8059 External Relay Module accept universal line voltage and also provide 24 VDC output that can be used to power the host instrument or other device(s). The host instrument controls relay operation by way of a single digital (S3L) connection.

Each GF Signet 8059 External Relay Module features compact plastic housing which is DIN rail mountable and includes LED annunciators for each relay, plus one each for power-on and data transfer or test mode.