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  • Range of process connections
  • 316 SS or Titanium electrodes
  • In-line or submersible (models 2822 and 2833) mounting
  • Accuracy: ±2% meet USP requirements
  • Controlled surface finish ensures accuracy and repeatability
  • Flow-through design
  • PTFE insulator (PEEK insulator for 3-2823-1)
  • Includes 15' of cable

GF Signet 2819-2823 Conductivity/Resistivity Electrodes are designed to provide highly accurate sensing across a very broad dynamic range. These GF Signet 2819-2823 Conductivity/Resistivity Electrodes are built with a controlled surface finish to ensure accuracy and repeatability.

The standard GF Signet 2819-2823 Conductivity/Resistivity Electrode is constructed from 316SS or Titanium, but there are other materials available for maximum chemical compatibility. Reversible threads or sanitary flanges allow for maximum installation versatility. Sanitary flange versions of the GF Signet 2819-2823 Conductivity/Resistivity Electrode are available with an optional NIST Traceability Certificate to meet USP requirements. A platinum RTD (PT-1000) located within the electrode allows optimal temperature sensing.

Applications for the GF Signet 2819-2823 Conductivity/Resistivity Electrode

  • Pure Water Treatment (Reverse Osmosis, Deionization, Distillation)
  • Boiler Condensate
  • Semiconductor Water Production
  • Rinse Water Monitoring and Control
  • Chemical Concentrations
  • Cleaner and Degreaser Concentrations
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
  • Salinity
  • USP Purified Water
  • WFI Water Production
  • Ultra Pure Water

System Compatibility

The GF Signet 2819-2823 Conductivity/Resistivity Electrode is compatible with a wide variety of GF Signet components. Please click here to view typical system configurations. If you have any questions about your particular installation, please contact us.

GF Signet 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller
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GF Signet 2850 Conductivity/Resistivity Sensor
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GF Signet 2850-101 Plug-In NIST Traceable Recertification Tool
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GF Signet 8050 Universal Mounting Kit
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GF Signet 8052 3/4" Integral Mount NPT
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0.01 µS/cm cell (+$1.80)
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316 SS electrode with 3/4" threads
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