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  • D:S = 20:1
  • K-type bead probe included
  • Temperature range: -76 to 1400°F
  • Built in laser pointer
  • LCD backlit display
  • Accuracy = ±1% (or 1°C)
  • Molded hard plastic case included
  • Adjustable emissivity from 0.10 to 1.00

The highly accurate handheld Sixth Sense LT300 Infrared Thermometer offers the most value of any handheld infrared thermometer priced under $120. It is a compact and easy to use unit with an incredible list of features and 1% accuracy. The LT300 infrared thermometer from Sixth Sense is exceptionally versatile with useful built-in mathematical functions, adjustable emissivity, and K-type probe (included), making it ideal for any home and many industrial applications.

The Sixth Sense LT300 infrared thermometer includes a rugged, molded hard plastic carrying case, a K-type probe, and two AAA batteries making it ready to go right out of the box. The built-in laser and back light ensures that you are measuring the intended target and you are able to see the measured value in any environment. The Sixth Sense LT300 infrared thermometer features a dual display which shows the current reading as well as the user selectable sub-value.

These infrared thermometers from the Sixth Sense LT300 Series have built-in functions such as MAX, MIN, AVG, and DIF. These functions are calculated for the duration the trigger is pressed, and the value remains on the screen after the trigger is released. You can also measure non-contact and probe temperatures and display them at the same time. The emissivity can be changed to accommodate any material. A temperature range of -76 to 1400°F (-60 to 760°C) covers a wide variety of hot and cold applications and a D:S of 20:1 will help pinpoint many problem areas for whatever the application may be.

The Sixth Sense LT300 infrared thermometer is a MUST HAVE for home inspections, HVAC troubleshooting, auto mechanics, plant maintenance, and many others.

Infrared Temperature Measurement - Technology Explained:

Infrared thermometers measure temperature from a distance by detecting the amount of thermal electromagnetic radiation emitted from the object being measured. This allows users to accurately measure surface temperatures in hazardous places, hard-to-reach places, or other situations in which non-contact temperature measurement is desirable. Infrared thermometer technology is useful in a wide range of applications – including industrial, laboratory, food service, fire fighting, hobby, and home use.

While this technology is relatively simple, the myriad of names given to these devices can be confusing. "Laser Thermometers" makes reference to the laser that helps aim the thermometer. "IR Sensors" and "IR Thermometers" make use of a common abbreviation for "infrared". "Non-Contact Thermometers" is descriptive of the device's ability to measure temperature from a distance. "Radiation Pyrometers" is a scientific/technical term for these devices.

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