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  • 40-120ºF (4-49 ºC) operating temperature
  • pH range: 0–14 with ATC ±0.01pH unit precision
  • ORP range: ±1,500mV range with ±1.0mV precision
  • Response time: 95% within 5 sec
  • 12–36V DC, ~1W power supply
  • IP-67 Waterproof Connector/Cable - 1.5m (4.5ft)
  • Up to 0.7MPa (100psi) operating pressure
  • Stainless steel option

What's in the Box

  • One tee assembly ¾-inch FNPT with o-ring & sensor nut (P/N: ST-001)
  • Attached sensor bulkhead cable w/male 7-pin adapter (5ft)
  • One 7-Pin female adapter/flying leads cable (5ft) (P/N: MA-1100)


The Pyxis ST-71X Series Industrial pH & ORP Sensors are specifically designed to simplify installation, calibration and in-use operation in process water, industrial water, wastewater, and cooling water applications. These sensors are uniquely designed to offer an embedded transmitter and can be utilized in both 4-20mA or RS-485 Modbus formats. When utilized in RS-485 Modbus format, these sensors also provide a temperature output signal. These features dramatically improve application possibilities allowing the ST-710 series of sensors to be directly connected to most OEM micro-processor- based controllers, PLC’s and Distributed Control Systems.

The ST-710 series oversized platinum disk for ORP and the flat pH bubble sensing elements increase their resistance to highly turbid waters and contamination. The enlarged salt bridge design with large junction capacity also ensures a significantly longer sensor life with minimal maintenance.

These devices are ideally suited for hard to measure waters where conventional pH & ORP sensors would have otherwise failed or required high maintenance costs. The ST-710 series of sensors do not require electrode change out or Potassium Chloride (KCl) re-fill and are designed to be used until end of life and completely swapped out. Each sensor offers a six-foot cable 7-Pin quick adapter as well as a 1.5-foot flying lead wire with 7-pin adapter for rapid installation and replacement. The ST-710 series are provided with the ST-001 Pyxis standard ¾” NPT-CPVC installation Tee for in-line flow applications but may also be installed in submersed applications using the MA-102S Submersion Adapter Kit.