GPI TM Series 09 to Q9 Electronics Part Number Conversion Table

TM Series with 09 electronics              TM Series with Q9 electronics
TM050              TM05SQ9GMA
TM050-N              TM05NQ9GMA
TM050-N-LP              TM05NP9GMC
TM075              TM07SQ9GMA
TM075-N              TM07NQ9GMA
TM075-N-LP              TM07NP9GMC
TM075-N-P              TM07NPOXXC
TM075-P              TM07SPOXXC
TM100              TM10SQ9GMA
TM100-N              TM10NQ9GMA
TM100-N-LP              TM10NP9GMC
TM100-N-P              TM10NPOXXC
TM150              TM15SQ9GMB
TM150-N              TM15NQ9GMB
TM150-N-LP              TM15NP9GMC
TM200              TM20SQ9GMB
TM200-LP              TM20SP9GMC
TM200-N              TM20NQ9GMB
TM200-P              TM20SPOXXC
TM300              TM30SQ9GMD
TM300-F              TM30FQ9GME
TM300-F-GX              TM30F42GME
TM300-GX              TM30S42GMD
TM300-N              TM30NQ9GMD
TM400              TM40SQ9GMD
TM400-F              TM40FQ9GME
TM400-GG              TM40SP9GMD
TM400-N              TM40NQ9GME


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