Teledyne FLIR Webinars


In this webinar we discuss Emissivity and the potential Impacts on your thermal measurement. Emissivity is a parameter that defines how well the measured surface radiates energy. Understanding emissivity will address challenging applications that can lead to measurement errors and misdiagnosis. There are many proven techniques to help identify what the value is for your specific material. For accurate infrared temperature measurement, Emissivity must be set correctly.

IR Thermometers vs. IR Cameras

This video describes the benefits an infrared camera has over a single spot infrared thermometer. Infrared cameras use a pixel array to measure several thousand measurement points all at the same time. Since a thermal imager measures many spots in an area, problems are found in locations that may have otherwise been overlooked.

Thermocouples vs. IR Cameras

In this webinar we take a look at two completely different methods of temperature measurement by reviewing a real life example. Non-contact measurement has many advantages over contact measurement that include measurement of moving targets, temperature with live voltages, and limited accessibility.

IR Cameras and Microscopy

Infrared cameras can finally measure temperature on the micron level. Spatial properties and spatial calculations are defined and discussed in this presentation. We see how advanced detectors and optics allow temperature analysis of very small components. Microscopy thermal imaging allows complete product analysis in a wide range of research and development applications.


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