Hach / GLI Replacement Sensors

Replace your Hach / GLI (Great Lakes Instruments) differential pH sensors with AquaMetrix. Click on the link to build a replacement sensor part number to your specifications. AquaMetrix 60 Series Differential pH / ORP Sensors

If you know your existing Hach / GLI part number, you can use the cross-reference table below to find the correct AquaMetrix replacement. Please note that these parts are for the 15ft cable length versions but you can select other lengths.

Hach / GLI
Part Number
Part Number
6022P0 P60R8-015
6028P0 P60R8-015
6022P1 P60R8A-015
6028P1 P60R8A-015
6422P0 P65R8-015
6428P0 P65R8-015
6052P0 P60R8-015
6058P0 P60R8-015
6058P1 P60R8A-015
6458P0 P65R8-015
DPD1P1 P60C5-015 *
DPD2P1 P60C5-015 *
DPD1R1 P60C5-015 *
DRD1P5 R60C5-015 *
DRD1R6 R60C5G-015 *
PD1P1 P65C5-015
PD1R1 P65C5-015
RD1R5 R65C5-015
RD1P6 R65C5G-015

*AquaMetrix sensors are analog output. In order to convert the sensor to a digital output, you will need to purchase converter box (6120500).


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