Omega to Partlow Conversion - 1810+

Omega P/N: Old Partlow #: Current Partlow #:
CN1610 Series CN1610 Series P1810 Series
DP1610-GN-R1 DP18101003 P1810100300
DP1610-R1 DP18101000 P1810100000
DP1610-R1-F2 DP18101300 P1810130000
DP1610-R1-F2 DP18101301 P1810130100
DP1610-R1-R2 DP18101100 P1810110000
>DP1610-R1-R2-C4 DP18101101 P1810110100
DP1610-R1-R2-C4-LV DP1810110102 P1810110102
DP1610-R1-R2-RST DP18101102 P1810110200
DP1610-R1-XP3 DP18101040 P1810104000
DP1610-GN-R1-F2 DP18101303 P1810130300
DP1610-GN-R1-F2-24LV DP1810130302 P1810130302
DP1610-GN-R1-F2-C4 DP18101304 P1810130400
DP1610-GN-R1-F2-C4-24LV DP1810130402 P1810130402
DP1610-GN-R1-F2-R3 DP18101310 P1810131000
DP1610-GN-R1-24LV DP1810100302 P1810100302
DP1610-R1-F2-C4 DP1810130102 P1810130102
DP1610-GN-R1-F2-R3-C4 DP18101314 P1810131400


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