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Walchem EZ Series Metering Pumps
Compact size and simple control for precise chemical injection with outputs to 6.3 GPH and pressure capabilities to 150 PSI
Walchem EHE Series Metering Pumps
Outputs up to 20 GPH and 150 PSI, turndown ratio of 1800:1
Walchem EWN Series Metering Pumps
Universal voltage, digital controller metering pump with high speed dosing capabilities, 6.7 GPH, maximum pressure of 290 PSI
Walchem IX Series Metering Pumps
Digitally controlled direct-drive diaphragm pumps
Walchem LKN Series Metering Pumps
Motor-driven, mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump, maximum capacity of 114 GPH, maximum pressure of 225 PSI
Walchem EJ Series Metering Pumps
Precise chemical injection with outputs to 1.3 GPH and 175 PSI