IntelliSAW, an Emerson company, understands that electrical power is the life blood of most industrial processes and operations, yet for years core power distribution infrastructure has not seen the same investments into automation and connectivity as the processes they power. Today, periodic inspections of equipment provide little more than a snapshot in time, leaving these assets unmonitored for the vast majority of their operation life. When assets go unmonitored, small issues can and do cascade into major failures.

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IntelliSAW ISxx Temperature Sensors
Real-time, continuous monitoring of low and medium voltage critical asset hot-spots
IntelliSAW Humidity and Ambient Temperature Sensor
Provides real-time, continuous monitoring of electrical power critical assets
Aggregates system sensor data, performs analytics providing real-time condition-based monitoring of critical electrical power assets
IntelliSAW IRM Reader
Remote monitoring unit providing temperature, partial discharge, and humidity sensing
IntelliSAW LPxx Temperature Sensors
Real-time, continuous monitoring of low & medium voltage critical asset hot-spots that require a low clearance
IntelliSAW Air Interfaces
Partial discharge detection, SAW temperature sensing
IntelliSAW iNFC Temperature Sensors
Continuous monitoring of low voltage critical asset hot-spots