Since 1992, BAQ has developed and manufactured mobile and stationary hardness testers for various measuring methods as well as laboratory devices for the characterization of surfaces and devices for testing layer thickness, abrasion resistance, scratching resistance and coating adhesion strength. These devices are used in all areas of material testing including the inspection of incoming goods, production, research and development. With more than 25 years of experience and continuous cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films and others, BAQ is committed to offering top quality and optimal service.

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BAQ AlphaDur Mini UCI Hardness Tester
Ultrasonic contact impedance method for test loads up to 10kg (98N tensile strength)
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BAQ AlphaDur Mini UCI Hardness Probes
Ultrasonic contact impedance probes for test loads up to 10kg (98N tensile strength)
BAQ Mobile Printer
Connects to the AlphaDur Mini for instant printouts of measured hardness data
BAQ Probe Support
Available for flat or round specimens to keep the probe from slipping and at a consistent angle
BAQ Probe Tip Cover
Protective cap for AlphaDur Mini UCI hardness probes
BAQ Probe Handle
Plastic guard that covers point where cable connects to probe to prevent damaging connector or cable when applying load
BAQ AlphaDur Mini Probe Cable
BAQ High Precision Stand
Consistently produces the same pressure and angle of probe for accurate repeatability