An industry leader in the manufacturing of flame detectors, fixed toxic and combustible gas detectors, and explosion proof ancillary safety & security products, Net Safety Monitoring has joined the most comprehensive set of analytical solutions in the industry. For nearly 20 years operators and engineers alike have made Net Safety Monitoring their preferred choice. Net Safety's products deliver rock-solid performance combined with unique functions and features which simplify day-to-day operation, lower operating costs and enhance overall safety coverage. No matter how difficult the conditions, plants and personnel can operate with the confidence that Net Safety detection instrumentation will provide the protection needed, day in and day out.

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Net Safety M21 Millennium II Single Channel Transmitter
SMART sensor technology, -67 to 185°F temp range, full diagnostics with event and data logging
Net Safety M22 Millennium II Dual Channel Transmitter
Dual channel, SMART sensor technology, -67 to 185°F temp range
Net Safety M2B Millennium II BASIC Universal Transmitter
Delivers highly accurate monitoring of toxic and combustible gases, SMART sensor technology
Net Safety SafeGuard Alarm Controller
16-channel Modbus Safety System Display and Control
Net Safety SC311 Infrared Combustible Gas Sensor
Millennium II series SMART sensor, Accuracy: ±2% less than 50%, ±5% greater than 50%
Net Safety CCS-1 Combination Calibration/Rain Shield/Splash Guard Cup
Combination calibration/rain shield/splash guard cup
Net Safety Generic Calibration Kit
Generic Calibration Kit for the Millennium M2Basic, M21 and M22
Net Safety ST3 XChem Toxic Gas Sensors
SMART sensor technology, 2000ft sensor separation range, field selectable gas ranges
Net Safety TX-M21 Replacement Transmitter
Replacement single channel transmitter for the M21 series, electronics only (enclosure not included)
Net Safety SC310 Catalytic Bead Combustible Gas Sensor
Millennium II series SMART sensor, Accuracy: ±2% less than 50%, ±5% greater than 50%
Net Safety IPF-001 IP 66/67 Filter
IP 66/67 Filter for SX3 Series sensors
Net Safety JB Series Junction Box
Termination box for flame detectors or for remote mounting gas sensors from transmitters
Net Safety SSK-2 Sun Shade Kit
Sun shade kit for MLP & ML2 detectors - stainless steel - Requires UN-MK-1
Net Safety SSK Sun Shade Kit
Pipe Mounted Sun shade kit/rain guard - stainless steel
Net Safety Generic Calibration Kit with SS Regulator
Calibration kit with SS regulator for the Millennium M2Basic, M21 and M22
Net Safety CAL-CYL Calibration Gas Cylinders
Calibration Gas Cylinders for the Basic M2B, M21 and M22 Transmitters
Net Safety Universal Duct Mount Assembly
Stainless steel universal duct mount assembly, 1M or 1.5M sampling pipe
Net Safety CC-INLINE Calibration Adapter
In-Line Cup Adaptor for gas sensors
Net Safety Gas Sensor/Flame Detector Pipe Mounting Kits
Pipe mounting kit - gas detectors and flame detectors (stainless steel)
Net Safety FACASSY Wiring Assembly
Assembly/wiring of a single Sensor to a Transmitter or Termination Box
Net Safety TX-M22 Dual Transmitter
TX-M22 Dual Transmitter replacement, electronics only (enclosure not included)
Net Safety SG10-0158 Input Board
8 channel analog (4-20mA) input board with terminals
Net Safety AIR-SHIELD-002 Air Shield Assembly
Air Shield assembly (aluminum)
Net Safety NEMA 4X Expansion Plate
NEMA 4X expansion plate (adds up to 4 option positions)
Net Safety 8 Channel Output Board
8 channel output board, analog (4-20mA) or discrete relay (5A form C)
Net Safety ST Replacement Sensors
Hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, or carbon monoxide replacement sensors
Net Safety Universal Input Power Supply
85-240VAC universal input 150W 24VDC power supply
Net Safety SG10-0208 Rack
19 inch rack that supports 1 or 2 SGX-SM controllers