Wilkerson Instrument Co., Inc. was started in October 1983 in the home of its founder Joe Wilkerson. Wilkerson Instrument now occupies its own 15,000 square foot specially designed manufacturing facility in Lakeland, Florida. All products bearing the Wilkerson Instrument company name are designed and manufactured in this facility. read more

Wilkerson Instrument has made its reputation by providing high quality instrumentation products with excellent technical performance and support to a global base of customers. Wilkerson Instrument continually strives to define, design, and manufacture new products that solve problems for users in process industries.

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Wilkerson Instruments DR1920 Duplex Lift Station Back-Up Pump Controller
For monitoring a backup level alarm in a tank and starting up to two pumps when a high alarm switch closes
Wilkerson Instruments MM4380A DC Input Field Rangeable Isolated Transmitter
Field rangeable transmitter with fully isolated output to eliminate ground loops and common mode signals
Wilkerson Instruments DM7010 Frequency Input Isolated Output Transmitter
Field rangeable frequency input signal conditioner with wide input voltage range
Wilkerson Instruments DR4300 DC Input Isolated Transmitter
Useful in eliminating ground loops and measuring signals with large common mode voltages
Wilkerson Instruments DR4302 Dual Output Isolated Transmitter
Provides two individually isolated DC outputs with 4-way isolation between input, power and outputs
Wilkerson Instruments DR4380A DC Input Field Rangeable Isolated Transmitter
Input and output can be changed in the field utilizing slide DIP switches
Wilkerson Instruments MP008 Plastic Socket
Molded plastic socket with screw terminals (8-pin)
Wilkerson Instruments DMP008 Plastic Socket
Molded plastic socket, DIN-rail mount (8-pin)
Wilkerson Instruments DR1 DIN Rail
35mm Symmetrical DIN Rail, 1 meter length
Wilkerson Instruments TRK48 Snap-Track
PVC snap-track for mounting sockets
Wilkerson Instruments HKB-HK2D-8 Explosion Proof Housing
Explosion-proof housing with 2" dome cover and 8-pin socket