Are you interested in promoting your products to Instrumart's 2 million annual website visitors? Would you like your products to be specified when one of our 87,500 annual callers asks one of our Applications Engineers for help? If so, please contact us about joining our distinguished list of Test & Measurement brands.

Instrumart Responsibilities:

  • Design and build attractive and content-rich web pages for each of your products. Each Instrumart product page includes:
    • Product name and short description
    • Product image(s)
    • Product video (if available)
    • Complete description of product
    • Product specifications (PDF)
    • Product manual (PDF)
    • ecommerce functionality - ability for customers to purchase online.
  • Design and build manufacturer/brand pages that tell your story and provide links to each of your products.
  • Connect your products to the appropriate product categories on
  • Advertise your products on all of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).
  • Optimize your product pages so that they appear in relevant search results.
  • Ensure that our Applications Engineers are trained to sell and support your products to our customers when they email or call us.

Manufacturer/Brand responsibilities:

  • Offer Instrumart your best distributor/catalog discount.
  • Ensure list price integrity in the marketplace. A Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy is strongly preferred.
  • Provide training for our engineers and deliver the required material for our website.

If interested, please contact Bob Berman, President (