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  • High strength stainless steel construction
  • No silicone oil or internal O-rings
  • Conduit fittings with Hytrel cable
    • Kynar cable upon request
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Ranges up to 100 psi
  • Low static and thermal errors
  • Unparalleled price and performance
  • Rugged design survives harsh environments
  • Wide media compatibility
  • Suitable for high shock and vibration applications
  • EMI/RFI Protection


The AST4500 pressure sensor is a high accuracy, high quality, all stainless steel, media isolated pressure transducer intended for use in the measurement of liquids compatible with stainless steel, Polyurethane, and Polyolefin. Pressure sensors from the AST4500 Series are appropriate for industrial and water management applications. The AST4500 has been designed specifically for the applications with demanding price and performance requirements. The double jacketed cable ensures protection against rough handling and extreme protection against cable collapse.

AST4500 submersible pressure sensors offer a choice of high level outputs including 1-5V and 4-20mA. The high strength stainless steel construction contains no silicone oil, no welds, and no internal O-rings. Measurements are available to these pressure sensors in gauge pressure covering ranges up to 100 PSI. The AST4500 is ideal for applications needing high accuracy, excellent long-term stability, trouble free operation, long life, and high performance in harsh environments.

Applications for the AST4500 Pressure Sensor

  • Ground water level depth measurements
  • Earthen & concrete dams
  • Liquid level tanks


This product can be used in the following applications: