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  • True-bore ID
  • Strong adhesion without ties due to true-bore design feature
  • Autoclave or irradiate to sterilize
  • Size and lot number permanently molded onto the component
  • ADF polypropylene with a drug master file resin, DMF9040, that conforms to FDA and USP Class VI requirements
  • Maximum recommended working pressure, 150psi @ 70°F when attached to tubing
  • ISO Class 7 Clean Room manufactured and packaged
  • Supplied in packs of 10


The BioConnexx Bio Barb adapter features a perfectly matched tubing ID, ensuring that flow levels between tubing and the adapter are always compatible. The adapter eliminates time-consuming flow calculations, achieving the same effect as a modeled end with the flexibility of in-house installation. The unique oversized barb adds compression between the tube and fitting, providing a secure connection without cumbersome ties.

The Bio Barb is the only adapter with permanent size and lot number identification to ensure proper use and easy traceability. The adapter's non-metallic polypropylene sanitary flange conforms to ISO 2852.


  • Bioprocess containers
  • Bioreactors
  • Fermentors
  • Flexible packaging systems
  • Filling machines
  • Filtration and purification systems
  • Mixing containers and vessels
  • Sampling ports
  • Tubing sets