• AMS-4232
  • Usually ships in 1-3 business days



  • 1.10in jaw length
  • Unreinforced tubing from .090 to .190 wall thickness
  • Reinforced braided hose from .090 to .180 wall thickness
  • Polysulfone construction:
    • Autoclavable up to 30 cycles
    • Gamma Radiate up to 50 kilograys
    • FDA compliant material


The W.L. Gore AME tubing clamp is made with high-strength polymer technology with a uniquely designed closure that works with both unreinforced and reinforced tubing in a variety of sizes and materials such as silicone, amepreme, C-Flex, and PVC. The swing-away locking screw design allows for quick and easy installation with no tools required.

The AME clamp's chemical-resistant polysulfone material allows for easy cleaning and can be be autoclaved or gamma irradiated.