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  • Four user-definable measurement ranges
  • Reconfigurable in the field
  • A comprehensive THC, CH4 and NMHC solution
  • Remote operation via discrete logic, RS232C or TCP/IP communications
  • 100% H2 Fuel version available


The Servomex SERVOPRO HFID hydrocarbon analyzer uses a highly sensitive FID to measure volatile hydrocarbon concentrations in vehicle/engine certification testing and industrial gas stack emissions monitoring applications. This ensures real-time, on-stream gas stream analysis, unlike gas chromatography (GC) based analyzers, which require batch sampling.

The oven temperature of the HFID analyzer for the gas sample is factory-set at 190°C to ensure that any heavy hydrocarbons (C5 and above) present in the emission stream are kept in the gas phase. The sample gas is maintained at this elevated temperature until it exits the FID bypass, thus preventing any loss of hydrocarbon concentration in the sample due to condensation. The heated sample gas is maintained at this temperature by a self-contained internally adjustable temperature oven.