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  • 0-1ppb up to 0-20ppm detection ranges
  • Lower detection limits
    • 200ppt (DF-550E)
    • 45ppt (DF-560E)
  • Non-depleting coulometric sensor
  • 5 year sensor warranty


The Servomex DF-550E NanoTrace oxygen analyzer is designed to deliver ultra-trace measurements of oxygen as a contaminant in ultra-high purity electronic gase. With the highly sensitive 200 parts-per-trillion lower detection limit, the DF-550E provide accurate measurements with minimal sensor drifting and no false low readings.

The Servomex DF-560E NanoTrace oxygen analyzer designed similarly to the DF-550E, but measure to the very lowest levels (45ppt LDL). It is able to monitor oxygen levels in multiple background gases while logging data in a variety of formats. The coulometric sensing technology negates the effects of upset-prone applications and delivers a fast response in the presence of sample and flow rate changes.