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  • 0-100 high resolution range
  • <20 seconds at 0.75 l/min response time
  • Coulometric sensing technology
  • Connects 1 sensor
  • 6 preassigned output ranges across each full sensor range
  • 2 audible and visual concentration alarms
  • Intrinsic error accuracy
    • 0-100ppm: ±5% of the reading or ± 50 ppb, whichever is greater
    • 0-1000ppm: ±5% of the reading or ± 250 ppb, whichever is greater
    • 0-10,000ppm: ±5% of the reading or ± 2.5 ppm, whichever is greater


The Servomex Servopro MonoExact DF150E is a coulometric oxygen analyzer designed specifically for use in a diverse range of industrial applications and optimized for process control and product qualification.

The MonoExact DF150E forms part of Servomex's next-generation industrial analyzer platforms, which advances and standardizes a complete, integrated IG analysis capability through the latest innovations in software, hardware, and sensor design. By delivering the same high-quality measurements and ensuring backward compatibility with previous analyzers, customers get new control and maintenance benefits, while training requirements are minimized, re-testing and re-qualification problems are avoided, and products meet the high standards of global supply agreements.

At the heart of the MonoExact DF150E is Servomex's hummingbird coulometric sensor, which builds on the original DF coulometric sensor's accurate trace measurements. Significant design improvements have been made that reduce analyzer downtime. The MonoExact DF150E is built around Servomex's new advanced user interface, which offers immediate hands-on control via a high brightness touchscreen display. Intuitive to use, Servomex's software is optimized for a simple user journey, with the touchscreen GUI making reporting or adjusting control parameters effortless. Standard 0-10V output with optional 4-20mA available to export rich data to a control system, managing gas analysis has never been easier.

Key Applications

  • Glove boxes
  • Heat treating
  • Solder reflow ovens
  • Industrial gas production