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  • Detection ranges:
    • 0 to 20ppm (DF-750E)
    • 0-20ppm to 0-2ppb H2O (DF-760E)
    • 0 to 100ppm (DF-745 SGmax)
  • Lower detection limits:
    • 100ppt (DF-750E)
    • 100ppt H2O and 45ppt O2 (DF-760E)
    • 5ppb (DF-745 SGmax)
  • Tunable laser diode measurement principle
  • Non-depleting coulometric sensor (DF-760E)
  • RS232 or RS485 two-way serial communications


The Servomex SERVOPRO DF-745 SGmax moisture analyzer includes a database of 17 standard background gases and blends of up to eight gases. 30 custom gas mixtures can be predefined directly through the front panel interface. The tunable diode laser technology delivers a broad measurement range of 0 to 100ppm, with a lower detection limit of 5ppb. The TDL is factory calibrated and provides zero-drift performance, which means less frequent recalibrations required.

The Servomex SERVOPRO DF-750E NanoTrace moisture analyzer is designed specifically to make trace and ultra-trace moisture measurements in a range of UHP gases in semiconductor production. It measures moisture as a contaminant in the electronics grade gases nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, argon and oxygen. The tunable diode laser (TDL) sensing technology delivers 100ppt lower detection limit , ensuring accurate measurements and precise monitoring.

The Servomex SERVOPRO DF-760E NanoTrace moisture analyzer is designed for monitoring UHP bulk gases used in the manufacture of integrated circuit boards with lower detection limits of 100ppt (H2O) and 45ppt (O2). The non-depleting coulometric and tunable diode laser sensing technologies provide zero sensor drift for fast and accurate measurements while extending calibration intervals.