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  • Measuring rate:
    • LS Pro 4500: >20000/s
    • LS Pro 8500: >50,000/s
    • LS Pro 9500: 100,000/s
  • Depth of field measurement:
    • 401: 15mm (0.6in)
    • 403: 35mm (1.4in)
    • 406: 50mm (2.0in)
    • 410: 100mm (4.0in)
  • Wide speed ranges available
  • Measures forward and reverse directions
  • Permanently calibrated
  • Expanded Ethernet connectivity
  • LaserTrak software


The NDC Technologies LaserSpeed Pro Non-Contact Length and Speed Gauge replaces your error-prone contact encoders with laser precision measurements to begin realizing immediate production savings. The LaserSpeed Pro 8500 gauge can be used to measure the absolute length and speed in any continuous or discrete length gauging process. The LaserSpeed Pro 9500 measures forward and reverse directions, and down to "true" zero speed on all types of metal products.

The LaserSpeed Pro can make measurements on all material types, shapes, colors and textures. A fine-tuned optical engine combined with an ultra-stable laser diode enables the LaserSpeed Pro to deliver better than ±0.03% accuracy with ±0.02% repeatability for the full depth of field (the highest in the industry) for measurement precision 20 to 40 times that of mechanical encoders. The LaserSpeed Pro integrates more easily than ever into production networks, providing the real-time data exchanges and tight processing efficiencies that today's manufacturers need to deliver true product quality.