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  • Measuring Range:
    • Model 25: 0.100 to 25.4mm (0.004 to 1.0in)
    • Model 50: 0.254 to 50mm (0.010 to 2.0in)
  • Measurement Area Depth Of Field:
    • Model 25: ±.75 x 25mm (±0.030 x 1.0in)
    • Model 50: ±1.5 x 50mm (±0.060 x 2.0in)
  • Laser Beam Velocity:
    • Model 25: 50m/sec. (2,000in./sec)
    • Model 50: 100m/sec. (4,000in./sec)
  • Accuracy:
    • Model 25: ±0.5μm (±0.000020in)
    • Model 50: ±0.76μm (±0.000030in)
  • <1 mW output HeNe gas laser
  • 45 to 97°F (7 to 36°C) operating temperature
  • 7in (177.8mm) capacitive touch display
  • 10 x 25 x 9in (254 x 635 x 228mm)
  • 43lb (19.7kg)
  • 100 to 240 volts AC (+5% to -10%), 50/60 Hz (±2Hz) 100 watts total power
  • 2 year warranty


The NDC Z-Mike Pro measurement system features an optical design and edge-sensing electronics to perform fast, accurate and repeatable dimensional measurements including outer diameter, inner diameter, ovality, multiple ODs, effective cutting diameter, TIR, taper, and part position. The Z-Mike Pro can be used in a Quality Control (QC) laboratory or on the plant floor to measure a range of part types and part dimensions within tolerances of less than 1 micron.

Parts are measured without contact so there is no part distortion or operator influence to affect measurements. Little or no adjustment is needed to measure a wide range of part sizes and dimensions. Soft, delicate, brittle, and hot parts can be measured with confidence. Z-Mike Pro gauges are engineered with edge-detection technology traceable to national standards (NIST). The rugged cast housing is sealed against dust and moisture. Auto-calibration maintains precision throughout the measurement range and adjusts for temperature variation in shop-floor environments without the need for recalibration.

A Large, high-resolution, touch-screen display provides a simple user interface. Multiple product types can be stored and recalled at the touch of button. Dimensional data is instantly displayed or can be transmitted to a computer or networked system for further processing using a variety of input/output connectors including two serial ports (DB9 and USB), a digital I/O port, a fixture port, and a scan output BNC port.

The Z-Mike Pro offers an extensive line of optional, ready-to-mount modular fixtures from simple manual fixtures to fully automatic and intelligent fixtures that can hold workpieces properly and effectively for any gauging need. Simply attach these easy-to-install fixtures to the Z-Mike Pro for precise, reliable measurements without calibration. Model 25 measures products up to 25 mm in diameter while Model 50 measures items up to 50 mm. More than 15,000 manufacturing applications worldwide count on Z-Mike's ±0.5 μm accuracy and ±0.13 μm repeatability to help them deliver superior quality products.

Applications of the NDC Z-Mike Pro Laser Micrometer:

  • Rubber Rollers 
  • Motor Shafts
  • Crankshafts
  • Camshafts
  • Pins and Shafts
  • Medical Devices