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  • Measuring ranges:
    • 0 to 10 ppm
    • 0 to 110% sat
  • Industrial-grade quality
  • Field serviceable
  • Quick response time
  • Up to 2000ft cable length
  • In-line or submersible mounting options
  • 23 to 176°F (-5 to 80°C) temp limits
  • 100 psig at 150°F (65°C) max pressure


AquaMetrix AM-CDO Dissolved Oxygen Sensor is a traditional Clark cell style dissolved oxygen sensor that has been reengineered to provide accurate readings, long-life, stable output and easy maintenance. Although optically-based probes have become prevalent in wastewater monitoring, Clark style probes are simple, inexpensive, rugged and provide superior readings at very low dissolved oxygen concentrations.