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  • 0.03 to 33 ft/s (0.01 to 10 m/s) measuring range for liquids
  • Over 1000:1 operable flow range
  • –40 to 266°F (–40 to 130°C) medium temperature range
  • PN40, Cl. 300, JIS 20K, AS 2129 Table E maximum process pressure
  • Accuracy
    • Current: ±5 μA
    • Pulse: ±0.5% o.r. ±0.08 in/s (±0.5% o.r. ±2 mm/s)
  • Max ±0.2% o.r. ±0.08 in/s (±0.2% o.r. ±2 mm/s) repeatability
  • ≥50 μS/cm minimum conductivity
  • IP67, NEMA 4X standard
  • IP68, NEMA 6P optional for sensor for remote version


The E+H Proline Promag 10P electromagnetic flow meter combines the Promag P sensor and the Promag 10 transmitter. The Promag sensors feature no pressure loss, no sensitivity to vibrations, and simple installation and commissioning. The Proline transmitters offer a uniform operating concept and a high degree of reliability and measuring stability.

The Promag 10P is designed for basic applications and direct integration in chemical and process applications with corrosive liquids and high medium temperatures. The meter offers bidirectional measurement of liquids with a minimum conductivity of ≥50 μS/cm, and is available as a compact or remote version.

E+H Proline Promag 10P Electromagnetic Flow Meter Applications

  • Acid and alkalis
  • Paints
  • Pastes
  • Water and wastewater