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  • Turbine or positive displacement pump
  • Self-changing air filter system
  • UV light biological growth inhibitor
  • Intelligent self diagnostic system
  • Continuous liquid level monitoring
  • Front-fill reservoir access
  • Whispercool® noise reduction system

PolyScience DuraChill chillers have a highly optimized refrigeration system, allowing you to use less refrigerant than ever before, reducing the environmental footprint of the chiller. Everything in the DuraChill line of chillers has been engineered for the future migration to natural, low global warming potential refrigerants: Isolation of power components, non-sparking relays and forward-thinking design go beyond current environmental guidelines.

PolyScience DuraChill chillers feature an intelligent self diagnostic system that allows each chiller to store its complete initial operating performance profile in onboard on the day it is built. At any time, users can initiate the self diagnostic system to compare current performance against data stored on the day the chiller was first manufactured allowing for quick and definitive troubleshooting of performance issues.