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  • 5" Touchscreen Interface
  • RS-485, Fiber and Ethernet available
  • Modbus, DNP3, IEC 61850, and TCP/IP
  • Six configurable alarm outputs


The IntelliSAW IS CAM-5 HMI aggregates system sensor data and performs analytics providing operators real-time condition-based monitoring of critical electrical power assets. System sensors include wireless temperature sensors, partial discharge sensors, and humidity and ambient temperature sensors. The IntelliSAW IS CAM-5 acts as a historian and as the primary interface point for SCADA integration or other head-end systems by leveraging common communication protocol support including DNP3, Modbus, 61850 and TCP/IP. Provides long term, short term and delta data trending for analytics on all sensor types. Aggregates sensor data from up to 120 temperature sensors, 80 PD UHF inputs and 80 humidity and ambient temperature sensors.