• AT-6010
  • Usually ships in 2-3 weeks


  • High-resolution 2.5in TFT LCD black & white display
  • 0 to 600V AC/DC operating voltage
  • 6.25 kHz operating frequency (energized)
  • 32.768 kHz operating frequency (de-energized)
  • AT-6010-R receiver
    • 500 ms tip sensor response time
    • 5 sec battery voltage monitoring response time
    • Up to 20ft (6.1m) range detection
      (air - energized)
    • Up to 14.7ft (4.5m) range detection
      (air - de-energized)
    • IP52 rated
    • CAT III 600V
    • Numeric & bar graph display
    • Audible single beep
  • AT-6010-T transmitter
    • 1 sec line voltage monitoring response time
    • 5 sec battery voltage monitoring response time
    • IP40 rated
    • CAT III 600V
    • LED signal indications

What's in the Box

  • AT-6010-R Receiver
  • AT-6010-T Transmitter
  • Two 1m test leads (red & black)
  • One 7m test lead (green)
  • Two alligator clips (red & black)
  • Two outlet blade adapters (red & black)
  • Two outlet round adapters (red & black)
  • CC-6010 soft carrying case
  • 12 1.5V AA batteries
  • User manual

The Amprobe AT-6010 advanced wire tracer kit includes a receiver and a transmitter to locate energized and de-energized wires, breakers and fuses. When the transmitter is connected to the circuit, the receiver easily detects the signal in the wires or cables in walls, ceilings, floors and corners.

The AT-6010 transmitter works on circuits up to 600 V AC/DC in Category I through Category III electrical environments, allowing for work directly on an energized circuit without the need to take equipment offline. The transmitter also features a high signal mode for general tracing, a loop mode designed specifically for locating shorts, and two optimal tracing frequencies that are automatically activated based on the detected voltage.

In addition to the main applications, the AT-6010 can also be used for specialized applications such as finding breaks and opens, finding shorts, and tracing wires in metal conduit, non-metallic pipes and conduit, shielded or underground wires, and low-voltage wires and data cables. The AT-6010 can be combined with the optional CT-400 signal clamp for applications where access to circuit contacts is limited or where users are not able to connect the transmitter to the circuit through test leads.