Emerson iFIX 6.0 Software
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  • ISA 18.2 alarm shelving
  • OPC UA server for secure-by-design client connections
  • Long tag names and descriptions
  • Time lapse playback
  • High performance Dynamos
  • Native Web HMI
  • Structured asset model mapped to the SCADA database

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The Emerson iFIX 6.0 Software features the latest technologies that help deliver faster time to insight and greater efficiency for your operations while speeding time-to-insight for system integrators. The iFIX 6.0 offers several core enhancements to decrease deployment time, while increasing operational efficiency in a highly secure-by-design method to improve equipment uptime and reduce cost and risk. These enhancements include alarm shelving, an OPC UA server, support for long tag names and descriptions, and more.

The iFIX 6.0 Software provides new support for the ISA 18.2 alarm shelving standard, increasing efficiency by allowing operators to avoid responding to unnecessary alarms. Operators can shelve alarms directly at run-time and create up to 20 shelving policies with different shelving times for different areas of your plant. Alarms automatically unshelve when the shelve duration time expires for true plant safety.

This context-rich HMI changes as the user moves through the system. Navigation is derived from the model structure built by the engineer. The context follows the asset definition and is defined only once for a class of assets. This prescribed experience provides the operator with the most relevant information—in context—and minimizes the effort to find it.