Reuter-Stokes Flame Tracker Dry 325 UV Sensor
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  • 104 to 617°F (40 to 325°C) hot end operating range
  • 104 to 302°F (40 to 150°C) cold end operating range
  • Will survive temperatures down to -60°F (-51°C)
  • 4 to 20mA analog output
  • <175 milliseconds response time
  • 5mA @ 1x10¹⁰ photons/in²/sec @ 310nm sensitivity
  • Withstands process pressures up to 400 psig
  • Needs 24 VDC nominal, 12 to 30 VDC @ 100mA power

What's in the Box

  • Silicon Carbide (SiC) sensing element
  • 3/4in NPT female mechanical interface
  • 30ft mineral insulated cable

The Reuter-Stokes Flame Tracker Dry 325 UV sensor is designed for use with multiple fuels, low NOx combustion, and steam injection. It uses a Silicon Carbide (SiC) optical photodiode sensing element which has high sensitivity to longer UV wavelengths and is not susceptible to black body radiation. With 30 feet of mineral insulated cable between the hot sensing end and the electronics, there is no need for water cooling or electrical conduits.

These sensors come ready to install, no programming necessary. Also, by eliminating the need for water cooling lines you'll save time and money on maintenance. No more cooked sensors from water lines clogged with silt, scale, corrosion products, ice, or biologicals.

Reuter-Stokes RS-E2-0285 Cable
Black, white, and green wires twisted and shielded, for 4 to 20mA signal, with choice of length and straight or right angle connector
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