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  • LED pressure readout
  • Backlit LCD readout for switch settings
  • Pressure ranges up to 5,800 PSIG
  • Analog output standard
  • Up to four SPDT switches available

The Kobold DSF26 digital pressure gauge offers pressure measurement from vacuum up to 5,800 PSIG and includes an analog output standard. Additionally, the DSF26 can be configured to include two or four optional SPDT relays with programmable setpoint and hysteresis.

Using Piezoresistive technology, the Kobold DSF26 digital pressure gauge features ±0.5% full scale accuracy (±1 digit) and a factory settable response time between 0.1 and 99.99 seconds. With an IP65 rating, the DSF26 features a bright green LED to display the pressure readout while a high-contrast, backlit LCD readout is used for switch settings.