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The SpotSee ShockLog iButtons allow for efficient communication with the ShockLog series of impact monitors. Offering two levels of protection, both ShockLog impact monitors and ShockLog iButtons feature password protection. The iButton password is user-definable, while the ShockLog password is set by the manufacturer and cannot be changed.

By connecting the SpotSee ShockLog iButtons to the required PC interface (sold separately) users can program the iButton within a variety of parameters based on which specific iButton is being programmed. The available iButtons include start, stop, clock, download and setup. The clock function sets the unit's time and date for timestamp purposes. The program function allows you to transfer a setup file to the ShockLog unit. Start and stop iButtons are used to start and stop the impact monitor's recording functionality. Lastly, the download button is used to retrieve the journey data.

The SpotSee ShockLog iButtons are available for purchase individually or as a complete kit.