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  • Impact events, vibration & internal temperature
    • Max peak X, Y, & Z; gRMS
    • Records direction, amplitude & duration of force
  • Records detailed impact data of up to 15 events
  • User-defined alarm levels
  • Programmable wake-up values to maximize battery life
  • IP67-rated, RF-screened
  • External temperature sensor (optional)

The SpotSee ShockLog 248 impact monitor utilizes advanced tri-axial piezoelectric accelerometer technology. The ShockLog248 records the maximum peak X, Y and Z, as well as internal temperature, of up to 15 events. Multiple sensors record direction, amplitude and duration of impact force. SpotSee ShockLog 248 users can use this data to determine baseline damage boundaries, detect mishandling in shipping, alert recipients to inspect goods and equipment for potential damage and make necessary adjustments to product packaging and handling procedures.

Available three scale ranges, 10G, 30G and 100G, the SpotSee ShockLog 248 impact monitor is optimized for equipment of varying sizes. The 10G, 40Hz unit is optimized for equipment up to 10,000 lbs.; the 30G, 90Hz unit is optimized for equipment from 10,000 to 50,000 lbs.; the 100G, 250 Hz unit is optimized for equipment from 50,000 to 100,000 lbs. The acceleration range comes factory set and cannot be changed by the user.

The self-contained design of the SpotSee ShockLog 248 impact monitor leaves it free of cables and wires and features LED lights for running, warning and alarm notifications. With user-programmable wake-up values, the ShockLog 248's battery life can last up to 12 months. Users can transmit this SpotSee impact monitor's data via iButton interface or USB connection. An optional external temperature and humidity sensor is available to monitor 0 to 100% relative humidity within a temperature range of -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C).

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