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  • Asset location data every 4 hours
  • Impact events, vibration & internal temperature
    • Max peak X, Y, & Z; gRMS
    • Records direction, amplitude & duration of force
  • Records detailed impact curve of up to 870 events
  • User-defined warning & alarm levels
  • Programmable wake-up values to maximize battery life
  • IP67-rated, RF-screened

The SpotSee ShockLog Satellite impact tracking system, formerly ShockTrak, combines the impact recording functionality of the ShockLog 298 with a satellite communication module to offer a complete tracking system with impact recording, real-time reporting and asset location. The ShockLog 298 allows users to set pre-defined warning and alarm levels, as well as a wake-up value to maximize battery life, customizing the tracking system parameters based on the journey requirements.

The SpotSee ShockLog298 records impact events, vibration and internal temperature of up to 870 events. Multiple sensors record direction, amplitude and duration of impact force. SpotSee ShockLog 298 users can use this data to determine baseline damage boundaries, detect mishandling in shipping and alert recipients to inspect goods and equipment for potential damage. When combined with SpotSee's satellite tracking module, this impact tracking system can also provide location updates every four hours.

SpotSee's desktop software allows you to download and analyze the full data set. The ShockLog report view provides an overview of the entire journey, peak acceleration values for all three axes as well as detailed impact curves. Users can zoom in for a closer look at specific impacts or deport the data into programs such as Matlab for more detailed analysis. Six months of satellite connectivity is included with the purchase of this system. A connectivity plan is required for access to real-time data and additional plans can be purchased separately.

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