FLIR M210 XT2 Thermal Imaging Camera sUAS Kit
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  • 640 x 512 radiometric thermal detector
    • 13mm FOV 45° × 37°
    • 19mm FOV 32° x 26°
  • High gain range -25°C to 135°C
  • Uncooled VOx Microbolometer Thermal detector
  • Single, dual or top Gimbal mounts
  • 30Hz or 9Hz frame rate
  • 50mK thermal sensitivity
  • MSX image overlay technology
  • Overall temperature range -40°C to 550°C
  • Visual camera Resolution:
    • 12MP Image
    • 4K Ultra HD: 3840×216 v

What's in the Box

  • XT2 R 640
  • M210 Aircraft
  • Crystal Sky Display 7.85in
  • Crystal Sky RC Mounting Bracket
  • TB50 Batteries (two)
  • TB55 Batteries (two)
  • Cendence Remote Control
  • FLIR Tools+

The FLIR M210 XT2 sUAS Kit is a powerful combination of a drone with thermal imaging. The DJI M210 and XT2 with thermal by FLIR provides an unprecedented eye in the sky. See invisible differences in heat that no one else can, to detect lost people and animals, moisture intrusion in buildings, roof damage, and much, much more. The Aerial M210 Series kits come complete with the imagers, batteries, controllers, and displays you need to get your operations in the air on day one.

The Zenmuse XT2 integrates a high-resolution FLIR thermal sensor and a 4K visual camera with DJI's leading stabilization and machine intelligence technology to quickly transform aerial data into powerful insights. The advanced thermal sensor provides high sensitivity imaging for infrastructure monitoring, energy inspections, firefighting, search and rescue missions, and more. With a fully-integrated dual payload, professionals can now capture actionable thermal and color visible data in a single flight, saving time, money, and lives.

Flir DroneSense Software
Fully integrated software platform that delivers visual and thermal imagery
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