• 6702-8000
  • Usually ships in 10-12 weeks



  • Front panel push buttons & LED status indication
  • Bluetooth interface for easy commissioning and maintenance
  • Pairs with MGS series gas detectors
    • MGS-250
    • MGS-410
    • MGS-450
    • MGS-460
    • MGS-550
  • Integrates into BMS/BAS or refrigeration controllers
  • Event logging via SD card
  • 1 low alarm relay & 1 high alarm relay
  • 1 fault alarm relay
  • 1 RS485 Modbus RTU slave for BMS / BAS
  • 1 RS485 Modbus RTU master for gas detectors
  • 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 80W (max) power supply


The Bacharach MGS-408 gas detection controller centralizes the status of up to 8 gas detection channels in a single location and offers at-a-glance visualization of a whole gas detection system. Pairing with Bacharach's MGS series of gas detectors - MGS-250, MGS-410, MGS-450, MGS-460 or MGS-550 - the MGS-408 creates a system suitable for applications with different requirements at multiple monitoring points.

By pairing the Bacharach MGS-408 gas detection controller with up to 8 compatible MGS series gas detectors, users can achieve compliance with refrigeration safety standards such as EN 378 and ASHRAE 15. This Bacharach controller integrates into BMS/BAS or refrigeration controllers and offers front panel push buttons and LED status indication. Common alarm relays include one low alarm and one high alarm with the MGS-408 also featuring one fault alarm. The MGS-408 also retains and can export alarm and status history of the gas detection system.