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  • Amplify or slow vibration to be visible to the human eye
  • Determine the vibration frequency of any visible point
    • Filter by frequency to isolate specific movements
  • Info is displayed on the actual image of your equipment
    • Much clearer and more accurate than modal ODS
  • High-resolution for down to 0.0001 inch measurement

Envision Motion VibVue high-speed vibration analysis allows you to see the natural excitation signature of your machine or structure, including higher order modes, such as those caused by vane or blade pass frequencies. This process facilitates quick and comprehensive understanding of the object in motion.

With VibVue you can measure millions of data points in minutes without touching the equipment. The high-speed video determines the frequency at each pixel from a safe distance, great for restricted areas. Then, all this information is displayed on the actual image so there is no question about what you are looking at.

VibVue is much clearer and more accurate than modal operating deflection shape (ODS) which takes more time to place hundreds of test points (all for less data), is susceptible to human error because it requires judgement about where to place the probes, and displays as a roughly rendered CAD drawing.